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Drew Eason

Mike is the real deal. His football knowledge is through the roof and he has the experience to back it up. He is one of the most dedicated and loyal people I know who would drive hours to get to my games because he truly cares. He really cares about his clients and wants to get to know them very well. He builds a strong relationship on and off the field with everyone.
If you are looking for someone to work with Mike is your guy. Thank your for everything Mike I really appreciate it!!"     - Drew Eason


Ty Harding

"What’s up Mike, it’s crazy to think back when I was 9 years old I was playing quarterback. During the off-season I would wake up at 6am to train with you and a few of my other teammates. You were really one of my first trainers that helped me understand the game at such a young age. However above all, the leadership lessons that I learned, I still carry with me to this day. I appreciate you for pushing me to be great since a young age! I would highly recommend Coach Frawley to anyone looking to improve their overall athletisicm & especially as a QB Coach."  - Ty Harding

Cam West

“In the first year working together, Coach Frawley helped me achieve many goals as a young athlete. His energy and knowledge helped build my confidence so I can reach my goal of playing college football. Working with Coach he helped me build a fundamentally, solid foundation, to play the position of Quarterback at a high level. He went above and beyond by attending my high school games which helped him provide additional feedback to me. I'd highly recommend Coach Frawley to any athlete looking to improve their game, physically and menatally."        - Cameron West

Will Darling

  "About 3 years ago our son, Will, met Mike at a winter camp. On our way out, Mike introduced himself to us and expressed how much he’d like to work with our son because of his work ethic and coachability. From the first session, Mike began teaching mechanics and the mental part of the game. Will really appreciates all the little changes that Mike has worked on with him, as they make a big difference in accuracy. Aim small and miss small sticks with Will. He knows if you focus on part of the target to hit, even if you are slightly off, it will still be a catch. Mike brings significant experience at all age levels and types of players. Will being a shorter quarterback, Mike taught him how to drop back farther & quicker so he can see the field better. Working with Mike thru both wins and losses has been instrumental for Will. Mike is an incredible coach with endless energy and passion for teaching and helping kids excel."
                                    - The Darling Family

Rayhan Nsereko

  "Working with Coach Frawley has improved my game inside and out, he does a great job at getting down to the real specifics and mechanics that go into the game of football. Exercise sessions with Coach Frawley translate onto the field with his run drills and consistent catching workouts. With his guidance, I’ve excelled at football and real-life situations! I definitely would recommend people to get involved with Mr. Frawley especially if you're looking to take your football skills to the next level." 
                       - Rayhan Nsereko

Colin Kalkut

  "Hey Mike, just a quick note of appreciation. In the short time that you’ve been working with Colin, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in his mechanics and control. I took a quick video last week of the wheel routes and the difference compared to week 1 is amazing. Thanks so much and let me know if there is a good way to share the review publicly."      - Mr. Kevin Kalkut
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